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2007.12.24 Christmas Eve
2007.12.22 Winter solstice (Toji Day)
2007.12.12 Obusession #77
2007.11.27 6th Obuse mini Marathon meeting
2007.11.23-25 6th Northern Shinano Obuse Film Festival
2007.11.22 Thanksgiving Day
2007.11.11 Obusession #76
2007.11.3 Culture Day
2007.10.31 HALLOWEEN
2007.10.10 Obusession #75
2007.10.1 Sake Day
2007.9.23 Hokusai's Birthday
Free cup of sake with every meal
2007.9.23 Obusedo's Jun Takeuchi
Skeleton selection meet
2007.9.22 Aoki's Wedding
2007.9.11 Chestnut processing begins...
Enjoy the seasonal Suzaku confections
2007.9.9 Obusession #74 Chrysanthemum Festival
2007.9.2 Masuichi Kyakuden opens
2007.8.8 Obusession #73
2007.7.22 Sarah's Wedding
2007.7.15 Obuse mini Marathon
2007.7.7 Obusession #72
2007.6.30 Protect the Terraced Fields
2007.6.22 Sake Messe
2007.6.16-20 VINEXPO in Bordeaux, France
2007.6.6 obusession #71
2007.5.27 Bunji in Yamanaka-ko Road Race
2007.5.5-6 Opera "The Marriage of Figaro"
2007.5.5 Obusession #70
2007.4.30 1530
2007.4.29 Greenery Day
2007.4.28- Golden Week
2007.4.26 Song Night
2007.4.15 1530
2007.4.7 Obuse mini Course Walking
2007.4.4 Obusession #69
2007.4.1 April Fools
2007.3.30 1530
2007.3.22- New Employee Training
2007.3.22 Company Entrance Ceremony
2007.3.21 Showing Off Delicious Seasonal Foods Club
2007.3.3 Obusession #68
2007.2.18 Bunji Staffer Aoki Competes in 1st Tokyo Marathon!
2007.2.17 Dokorobashi
2007.2.14 Cheers with Chocolate and Sake!
2007.2.11 We Rode the SL-D51 in Chiba!
2007.2.5 Bunji's Bryan Passes the Level 1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test!
2007.2.2 Obusession #67
2007.1.14-15 Yasuichi Winter Festival
2007.1.11 Obusession #66
2007.1.2 New Year's Calligraphy and Mochi-vation
2007.1.1 New Year's Day Mochi-vation and First Dreams
2006.12.31 New Year's Eve - Thank You 2006!
2006.12.28 Cleaning Up
2006.12.24 Christmas Caroling by Candlelight
2006.12.22 A Meeting with the Toji and Pumpkin on the Winter Solstice (toji)
Let's Enjoy Yuzu Water!
2006.12.15 An early present from Santa!
A new Suzuki light automatic truck is here!
Now we can haul even more! We got a Christmas tree right away.
2006.12.12 Obusession #65
2006.12.6 Nikkei Woman 2007 party
2006.12.5 A full moon keeps the night light.
2006.11.23 Thanksgiving
2006.11.11 Obusession #64 Isoya Shinji
2006.11.8 Hokusai's "Tomoenishiki" at the Chrysanthemum Gallery
2006.11.6 Cumming Check (A check pattern passed down in the Cummings family)
2006.11.6 Discover Obuse with the "Inozu" map of Japan!
2006.11.4 Not a street performer; a garden performer!? Showing off skills.
2006.11.4 Obuse Rokusaiichi
2006.11.3 Happy Bunji Day! Culture Day!
2006.11.3 Takai Kohzan's Yokaizu drawings in "100 Dreams of Edo" (Yuko Tanaka).
2006.10.31 Flea market at Toji, the day after "Sake Samurai"
2006.10.29 A little Autumn tea party in Obuse
2006.10.29 Sarah's article in "papyrus" vol.9
2006.10.28 Cheering on the skaters (All-Japan Championship)
2006.10.27 Staying in Kyoto at... "Iori Weekly Machiya"
2006.10.27 Sake Samurai ceremony at the World Heritage Site "Shimogamo Jinja"
2006.10.22 Kyoto - 400th Anniversary of Hikone Castle
2006.10.21 Ties with Obusession, Director Obayashi returns.
2006.10.18 Aizu, Tsurugajo Castle "Moon over a Ruined Castle"
2006.10.18 Karuizawa - "My Home, Beyond the Sea" by Muro Saisei
2006.10.14 Obuse - Autumn Crowds
2006.10.10 Obusession #63 Yoshihiro Sugaya
2006.10.1 It's Sake Day! Masuichi's 250th Anniversary celebration!
2006.9.23 Katsushika Hokusai's birthday celebration.
2006.9.9 Spice comes to Obuse from Nara. Cinnamon and Spice
2006.9.9 Obusession #62
2006.9.7 Chestnut processing begins.
2006.9.5 Heading to Akita.
2006.9.4 Recharging: Going swimming and having fun. Switch from off to ON.
2006.9.2 Quick trip to Shimane.
2006.9.1 New graduate interview test. Some rather smart young people came.
2006.9.1 To Matsumoto for the Hokusai Anniversary festival, and a happy birthday to Seiji Ozawa.
2006.8.29 Sarah goes to Kyoto to get ready for Sake Samurai. Presentation on 10/20!
2006.8.26 An intern from Kyoto came to Obuse and works hard for the month.
2006.8.24 We were moved by Mr. Gelman's design theories. If you do [-] to the lowest things you can make the best. Let's think about removing rather than adding.
Being able to recognize something no matter how far it is deformed, represents its brand power.
2006.8.20 The fields are filled with tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.
2006.8.15 Cleaning for Obon. Keeping everything orderly is important.
2006.8.12 Sarah's Tango (words) page added!
2006.8.8 Hiroshi Kashiwagi was the guest speaker at Obusession #61.
Obusession reaches its 6th year this August.
2006.7.26-27 Bunkajigyobu helps press sake lees.
2006.7.26 Sake Samurai preparations continue.
It's time to take back Sake's pride.
2006.7.16 The 4th Obuse mini Marathon was a great success!
2006.7.10 Birthday party, let's keep trying hard next year.
2006.7.7 The 60th Obusession was held. Director Obayashi came and we were all amazed. The tanabata wishes and yukata were all wonderful, the food was delicious, and the fireworks afterwards topped off the whole experience.
2006.7.5 Plum pickling has finished. This time we used 52 boxes of plums. Look forward to them!
2006.7.1 The 4th Obuse mini Marathon now has 3300 entries! We'll need lots of volunteers for the 16th of this month so by all means please help out.
2006.6.26 The www.shukei.jp top page is finally up. It can only get better from here!
2006.06.06 Obusession #59 welcomes Yoko Kawashima!
She is a marketing manager and PR chairman for Itochu Fashion Systems and wrote such best selling books as "The Isetan People."
2006.06.05 2006 Summer Internship
Bryan comes, and we all go to Zenkoji and go on NHK to recruit marathon volunteers.
2006.06.01 Participation in the Scenery Day Memorial Symposium
2006.05.29 Tokushima prefecture, Aizumi, a town of lavender dyers and growers. The screens in Masuichi were made in Tokushima prefecture. Lavender dye also helps keep bugs and snakes away.
It will be great for the coming season.

2006.05.29 Shukei Jigyo Goes to Work
They began repairs on an old two-story house in Nakamachi. Though the roof was leaky, they started with the foundation. After raising the house up, they adjusted the foundation.
"Adversity builds character."
2006.05.28 As we enter Golden Week the marathon draws ever closer; now only 50 days away. So please sign up early to "make waves in ocean-less Obuse." We'll be waiting.
2006.05.14 Cinnamon arrives! The 3rd Golden Retriever
It's not really known in Japan, but it seems that if there is a dog in the company work gets done more efficiently.
2006.05.05 Obusession #58 Yoshio Kushida and earthquake prediction
Wishing on a shooting star may be linked to earthquake information. I wonder when the next big one will come.
2006.04.08 Oke Symposium "OKE OK"

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